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Onthething.com is an online dating network focused on offering singles a way to connect with each other quickly and with amazing results. We created onthething Dating because we know how hard it can be for singles to find their one, true love. That’s why we are here to help. Dating is a place where singles can meet new people and interact with others online, make new friends, or start new relationships. Our platform is all about friendliness, connectivity, and getting to know other people. We encourage transparency and truth, that’s because we know this is the best way to find true love and happiness in life. Once you create an account you will be able to talk about yourself, who you are, what type of person you are looking for, and what you are expecting from other people. Find singles that are local to you, start a free chat, and find out what you have in common with each other. Use the hot or not feature, meet me to find a matching partner, and to connect with singles online.